Questions people are asking about Christian faith

Fairy tales

Adam and Eve, Noah and the Ark, Jonah and the Whale ... Many people cannot believe those stories because they sound like fairy tales.

What can we say when Bible credibility is  challenged?


Science is gathering more and more evidence supporting the Big Bang and evolution. Schools everywhere are teaching it as fact.

Do Christians have to choose between science and the Bible?


Some people believe our destiny was determined before we were even born, as God's will, and there's nothing we can do to escape our fate.

Do we really have free will?

God not fair

We see terrible injustice and unfairness throughout the world. Even Jesus said that God is not fair.

How can a God of love and justice create and tolerate a world like this?

Flawed design

If God is all-powerful he could have made a better world ... he could have made better people ... he could forgive without a crucifixion ...

Did Jesus really have to die?

Church differences

There are so many different kinds of churches ... different Bibles and interpretations ... different styles of worship, baptism and communion.

How can anyone know what's right?


Many Christians are hypocrites, narrow-minded and judgmental.

If God is in them, why aren't all Christians super-good?

Betting everything

The Bible says that a person's decision about Jesus is not just another ordinary decision but is betting life itself, for now and eternity.

What are the consequences of making the wrong decision, or no decision?

Other roads to heaven

Most people now, and throughout history, are uninformed or misinformed about Jesus.

Will God send them to hell for not accepting Jesus as Savior?


To many people, the idea of a three-in-one God is absurd and incomprehensible.

Is there any explanation of the trinity that makes sense?

Pain and suffering

Deformities, disease, starvation, natural disasters ... There is terrible pain and suffering all around us.

How can an all-powerful and all-loving God allow such misery?

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